Business Needs

The needs of each business are different. A manufacturer needs equipment and business customers, a hotel need furniture and visitors and a retailer needs stock and footfall.

There are no models for a workable scheme where funds raised from individuals can be distributed fairly for specific needs without incurring high administrative costs, which are understandably not popular with donors. However, where funds can be allocated to improve the general input to the local economy all businesses will benefit in one way or another.

Examples of investment the UCVR and partners would make with donations would be to sponsor trade events for manufacturing, destination marketing for the shops and hotels that rely on visitors and support for local advertising and “totally locally” campaigns for general shops and businesses that rely on local trade.

In essence all businesses need the economy to return to normal sooner rather than later, and without investment as described above many will struggle to continue trading.

One other use where larger donations from corporate business would make a significant difference, is in supporting the establishment of a mutual insurance society. As more communities become victims of climate change we can no longer accept this ‘shareholder first’ attitude of the insurance industry. Once established a scheme would be self-funding. For those companies which subscribe to Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) this is the perfect opportunity to support fellow commercial enterprises and communities to regain confidence. Finally, supportive companies can offer to ‘buddy’ recovering businesses with support for financial, marketing, IT, or HR management, etc..