Welcome to UCVR

Enabling communities – UCVR aims to support those groups in the community that do not have the organisation to obtain funding for themselves. Be that a residents’ group wanting to improve their immediate environment to improve well-being or a parents’ group wanting to provide playground facilities.

Promoting well-being – we aim to provide facilities where everyone’s fitness, mental well-being and resilience can be enhanced, by providing opportunities such as a walking or cycling hub, a forest school and fully inclusive sports.

Renaissance – Taken from the French, renaissance means rebirth, it is about transition. Today we might think about it as Regeneration. UCVR was founded on the back of a regeneration initiative to transform the Upper Calder Valley towns. Our current flagship regeneration project the Riverside Centre aims to provide a range of outdoor activities to support our well-being programme.


Partnership with EMpowered People brings £1.2m Investment

A partnership with EMpowered People at our Riverside Centre project means we have achieved an initial investment of £1.2m to improve facilities and to...

Forest School plans takes a step forward

We have now secured an adjacent piece of land to our Riverside site so we can begin to design and prepare the woodland for...