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Past Projects

This is a list of projects that we have completed.

A project is a discrete piece of work that we are undertaking in addition to our ongoing day-to-day work.

You can browse our past projects using the menu to the right. Where a project has become a separate entity or taken over by another organisation where possible we have provided a link or contact information

‘Business As Usual?’

Businesses in the Upper Calder Valley & the aftermath of the December 2015 Flooding

Go to project description: https://ucvr.org.uk/home/projects/past-projects/business-as-usual/

‘B2B Mentoring’

Supporting the networking and trading opportunities for local businesses. As we are predominantly a micro, small, and medium- sized business economy, it was decided that who was better to help and support recovering and new small businesses

Go to project description: https://ucvr.org.uk/home/projects/past-projects/b2bmentoring/

Cockroft Communal Garden Project

Residents of Cockcroft and Wilkinson House in Lydgate completed a project to create an outside community space, where they can meet and socialise with their neighbours.

Go to project description: https://ucvr.org.uk/home/projects/past-projects/cockroft-communal-garden-project/

Todmorden Town Fund

The Todmorden Town Deal is now a separate project and further up to date information can be found on the Todmorden Town Deal

Go to project description: https://ucvr.org.uk/home/projects/past-projects/todmorden-town-fund/


This project is now hosted by Todconnect

Go to project description: https://ucvr.org.uk/home/projects/past-projects/destinationtod/

Incredible Festival of Ideas

The Incredible Festival of Ideas was a collaborative community festival across the Calder Valley from Todmorden to Halifax on summer solstice weekend 2018.

Go to project description: https://ucvr.org.uk/home/projects/past-projects/incredible-festival-of-ideas/

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