B2B Mentoring

We are supporting small, medium and micro businesses in the Calder Valley.

Whether you are starting a new business, growing your business, or recovering from the long-term effects of flooding, an experienced business mentor could be the support you need.

Business-to-business mentoring

Mentoring is the passing-on of technical knowledge, support, guidance and advice. At the heart of it is a relationship between a mentor and mentee. A mentor is an experienced person who uses their knowledge and understanding to support the development and growth of a mentee. The role of the mentor is to build a relationship of mutual respect and trust with the mentees with whom they work, aiming to help them achieve greater happiness and success in their business life.

The benefits of having a mentor are that you get an increased sense of direction, purpose, self-esteem, motivation and confidence. On this scheme you will get an opportunity to work with a positive role model and with someone who understands your business and emotional needs.

Why we are offering this free service?

Following the Boxing Day Foods in 2015, UCVR, Calderdale Council Business Team and the University of Leeds produced an economic impact report showing that the local economy in Calderdale mostly consists of micro, small, and medium-sized businesses trading with each other.

It is therefore important to support the networking and trading opportunities for local businesses.

As we are predominantly a micro, small, and medium- sized business economy, who better to help and support recovering and new small businesses than those who have started and run successful businesses themselves? Some of those who received help went on to become mentors themselves.

How it works in practice

Mentors and mentees are asked to commit to at least one meeting per month for a minimum of six months. UCVR will run an induction process to identify mentor skills, mentee needs and working styles to make the best possible matches. Both mentor and mentee will need to work within the mentoring programme’s code of conduct and ethics and agree to record each meeting and action points. They will also be asked to take part in monitoring and evaluating the programme. Ongoing support and regular networking events will also be available.

Do you have the business skills to mentor others?

By volunteering to share knowledge, give constructive feedback and provide inspiration and motivation, mentors can help businesses in other ways, for example creating new products and services, identifying new customers or exporting and importing goods. This can result in the bene t of improved productivity for businesses as well as developing new skills yourself. The key qualities of a mentor are good listening skills and the ability to discuss anything which is important to their mentees.

You need respect for other peoples’ personal opinions and beliefs and the ability to share relevant experiences and problems. You should be able to ask perceptive and
thoughtful questions, engage in effective action planning and be able to review and evaluate mentees’ progress.

The benefits of being a mentor

You will increase your personal effectiveness as a result of your experience as a mentor. You will experience the satisfaction of helping people to develop and achieve their business and personal goals.

In the future we will be running training courses which can lead to a qualification and a future of satisfying work with your business colleagues.

Further information

The information on this page can also be downloaded as a pdf for printing out

If you would like to know more about using or becoming a business mentor, please contact UCVR at info@ucvr.org.uk