Todmorden Community College – 79% want the educational facility to stay

As promised we delivered our pre-feasibility report to Todmorden and Calderdale Councils in the first week of 2017. The time scale for completing the report was very short for such study but we are pleased to say that our project manager did an amazing job to gather as much information from the community as was possible in the time available.

The result was a 30-page report which reviews the basic proposals put forward by various groups and individuals for the continued educational use and other alternative uses.

The options to be considered were firstly, to sell the college to Aldi for demolition and for them to build a bigger store. Their offer included allowing a stand-alone building to be built on the site to house a replacement children’s centre and youth facility. Secondly there were various community initiatives regarding education, new and existing curricular. And there were commercial proposals: meeting rooms, office space and visitor accommodation.

Our research concluded that there was little support for a larger Aldi store and much more for some combination of a community run asset incorporating various educational and community enterprises.

Our recommendations were that Calderdale Council, rather than opting for short-term savings and a relatively quick development, instead offer the community the same opportunity as they have elsewhere in the Borough, of putting together a business case for running and or owning the College.

The Development Board will meet on Tuesday 10th January 2017, at 5pm to decide the future of the College. The meeting is open to the Public.

You can read our full report here.