TODMORDEN COMMUNITY COLLEGE: Continued use and alternative proposals, A Pre-Feasibility Study

Calderdale Council own Todmorden Community College which is now underutilised and running at a loss of approximately £165k per annum. The council is considering a commercial sector offer from the supermarket chain Aldi to purchase and demolish the college. Children and Youth provisions, which are currently housed in the college, would be incorporated into the supermarket development as purpose built freestanding building. It is anticipated that this new building could have a running cost of £65k giving the council a £100k saving per annum.

However, there were questions from some community groups and the Town Council as to why the College is not viable any longer and if new community led initiatives could revive its fortunes, and keep it as a community run asset.

Upper Calder Valley Renaissance (UCVR) was commissioned to undertake this pre-feasibility study exploring various options for the future of the college

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